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Wx78 walking sound on custom character

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AmaaDivine    0

Hi there! I finally got my character to work! But I thought it was a simple change, I guess not.

Since she has metal legs, I wanted her to use WX78's walking noise. The clanking of  a robot walking.

I switched the /wilson.fsb to /wx78.fsb. But I guess it didn't work

What do I have to do to make it so it uses that robot walking nosie instead of normal noise?


Also hats are really big on her, but whenever I try to re-size the head, it's far off in the scml and the eyes aren't aligned.



Much help would be helpful!


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DarkXero    2894

WX-78's common_postinit:

local function common_postinit(inst)    inst:AddTag("electricdamageimmune")    --electricdamageimmune is for combat and not lightning strikes    --also used in stategraph for not stomping custom light values    inst.foleysound = "dontstarve/movement/foley/wx78"end

You need the foleysound in your common_postinit.

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