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[General] - Fenced item level victory condition

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Fenced item level victory condition

Issue Description: Played item mission and got an item to sell to monster.

It told me I didn't have it when exiting level. I swapped it to two other characters still didn't work. Mission failed and I didn't have it in inventory.

Earlier mission got research experiments and got no benefit from it... thought it might proc later but nothing.

Steps to Reproduce: No idea. Might be in save files.

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Jason    3,704

If I understand right, you picked up something like an artifact and Central said you would fence it?  

If that's the case, it's automatically sold at the end of the mission. If you look at the bottom of the MISSION REPORT under the CREDITS section, there should be a chunk of cash listed that will be the money from the item.

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