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[Gameplay ] Birchnut Trees are leafless throughout all seasons


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Do you use mods?



Version Number
Rev. 151567


Issue title
Birchnut Trees are in permanent winter state (leafless in all seasons and no Birchnuts when chopped).


Steps to reproduce
I tried to run the same template to start a new map but I was not able to reproduce.

Describe your issue

The empty branches are depressing.

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Took a look into the mods Screecher, Wilton and Drok the Caveman but I did not use them in that specific world and disabled them. Just wanted to peek into the lua files to look how they are made. Also had the modding tools installed but removed them after realising they increase loading time. And as long as I do not want to compile a mod I am better without for normal play.


This world I started with Willow prior to the mods if I recall it right. My first thought was, that this is the result of a drought during summer, but after almost 400 days with no change it seemed odd.

I attached the savegame and hope that helps you to find the bug.


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