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[Crash] game won't get past log in screen


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  • Chrome
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game won't get past log in screen

Steps to reproduce

bought the game
installed the game
started the game
-login button
--chrome asks for access to the mail adress
---error message appears named "error" without any explanation
dead end

Describe your issue

I am pissed!
I bought and downloaded the game and yet it wont start.
It don't even asks for a key. But it asks to access my google account mail address.
Which differs from the one where I have bought it (is my email used for paypal and such, but that has no google account).
The game wants me to log in, asks for access to my google account, after that I only get : "An Error has occurred" a moveable frame with that mentioned title, an closing x at the top right, a big picture, a small field (properly for an error message but its empty) and a not working OK button on the lower right.

I want play, or even better my money back. **** your TRASH HEAP

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