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too dangerous to use straw rolls? huh also, how do I preserve a good map?

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qwerm    18

Quick question, when did they add this feature, as recently it was the first I had ever encountered it.

Hounds were coming at night, so I rigged up a roll to fastrack to morning, and wilson said it was too dangerous to use, which was weird because I had done this a few times already during the spider queen update.

Also, it had been quite a few days since I last played, sooo, I panicked and subsequently got eaten.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I finally have up to wolgang unlocked, and i'll be starting to use effigies again, after a bit of testing just to make sure it doesn't crash on me like last time.

THAT said, I kinna wanna try the new map gen, but I know it'll lose my current map, which I fairly like. Tried looking for details on how to preserve map data- I KNOW i've seen it before, but for the life of me, my attempts at searching the forums has come up inexplicably dry in that regard. can anyone help with that as well?

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Little Teemo    15

well it's the exact same way like importing world, for me it's steam > userdata > some folder with number on it > folder number 219740 > make a copy of the "remote" folder and put it somewhere, start ur new game and whenever u want to jump back on the old one, just import it where u saved it.....and with the straw roll, i find it that if the monster is too close it won;t work...

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