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[MOD] rogueui (and drinking game)

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politza    0

Order a drink for every mouse-click you have to make in-order be

allowed to play.

I like the game but find the story-elements pretty annoying, so I

tried to get rid of it as much as possible.

The sole focus of this mod is on the user-interface, which is

stream-lined in various ways:

  • disable "I am ready" screen
  • disable intro video
  • disable first alarm tip pop-up
  • disable mission start confirmation
  • disable mission objectives pop-up
  • disable mission dialog pop-ups
  • disable agency screen voice-over
  • disable all in-game voice-over
  • disable map scripts
  • remember selected agency

Suffice it to say that this is all a giant hack, since the game is not

intented to be modified in this way. But maybe it'll be useful to

other people.

Tested with build Update11_Aug4 and gog installer.

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