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[Gameplay] Bug with Mandrakes


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Bug with Mandrakes

Steps to reproduce

1. Go near a Mandrake at night (not sure if it works in day)
2. Hold down spacebar (do not click on it)
3. It should go in your inventroy
4. Place down the mandrake
5. It will replant
6. When you click on the mandrake or press spacebar near the mandrake the character starts glitching really weirdly.

Describe your issue

Just follow the steps above.
I don't know if it works in the day.
I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to pluck mandrakes into your inventory at night, they turn into animals, you can't put them in your inventory, but during day you can put them in inventory. When you hold down spacebar near one at night, it doesn't turn alive, it goes in inventory!
Also, the character starts moving really weirdly and bugging around if you go near it and the mandrake is one layer above the character.

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