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Custom actions and badly made character mods

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_Q_    644



Sometimes when someone makes character mod, he makes a new stategraph for his character instead of adding postinits to wilson stategraph, everything on that character works fine, the problem starts when user of that mod decides to use other mods that add custom actions.

Mod with new actions is adding those actions to wilson stategraph, but that stategraph is not used, as a result the mod with custom actions wont work.


Is there a way to do something about this? Like making stategraph postinit function detect character stategraphs or something, just to take all that false reports of custom action mod not working out of the way?


Its the same case in DST and DS, if possible to fix that on both.



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DarkXero    2893
function EntityScript:SetStateGraph(name)    if self:HasTag("player") then        assert(name == "SGwilson" or               name == "SGwerebeaver" or               name == "SGwilsonghost" or               name == "SGwilson_client" or               name == "SGwilsonghost_client")    end    -- Rest of function goes hereend

In DS, Woodie has SGwerebeaver.

In DST, SGwerebeaver was merged into SGwilson.



But what about any mod that may transform the character and needs a different stategraph?

Or just because some people screw up, everything needs to be dumped at SGwilson?


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