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[General] - (Bug) Found an enemy spawned in a pillar

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: (Bug) Found an enemy spawned in a pillar

Issue Description: In a Detention Centre mission in a Plastech compund a Modded MK1 was spawned inside a 4 walled 1 square wide pillar. I didn't see him as I walked in, then one of the cameras was recaptured. I had no idea why until I ran out of the room and his alerted silhouette appeared.

Attached is my save file, the mission happened in the second campaign slot. Unfortunately I had completed the mission before uploading. Sorry if thats an issue.

Also attached is a screenshot of the guard in the pillar. Maybe that can help you identify the offending floorplan.

Steps to Reproduce: See above.

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