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The High Court of Melondom


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T4T3RGR3NAD3R    2,749

I realize that this thread is a husk of what it once was, kept afloat by stream updates but I don't want to abandon it without a proper farewell, so without further ado:

A Parting Ode to The Melondom

Goodnight, sweet Melondom, you beautiful creature. You had your time in the sun, but your conception held not a long future for thee. Wondrous times were had in your wake, but these times have passed. So much has been created in your name. The mod. The pictures. The carols. Now, these things are a distant memory. The people have lost interest, and I shall deny it no longer. Though I grieve for you, I do not curse the universe for the departure of your glory, for such is the way of time. Melondoms rise and fall, and there is nothing to be done. I will not do you an injustice by making you nothing more than a dump for stream announcements. I will no longer parade your corpse about the forums, acting as though the life hadn't left it long ago. The Melon and the Stick will always be a part of my being, and your memory shall live on forever, but I shan't pretend you haven't died. I weep for your death, but I know your time has come. I'm sorry I did not nurture you better, my sweet sweet child. As the last justice I might do you, I, though it pains my heart, release you to sink into the pages of the Off-Topic, to find a natural end in the form of a 30-day inactivity lock, and to find rest in the Forum Archives, to be stumbled upon by generations to come. To attempt to keep you afloat would be to keep one just alive enough to live in agony, and I wish this not upon you, my beauty. Goodnight, sweet Melondom, you beautiful creature.

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