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[Graphics] Exhausted Berry Bushes appear as picked

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Exhausted Berry Bushes appear as picked

Steps to reproduce

Exact details unknown. May be gobbler-related (similar to gobbler-related bug where fruiting berry bushes appear as picked when gobbler ducks into the bush.)

1. dig & replant berry bushes.
2. Fertilize berry bushes.
3. Pick berries. Refertilize bushes as they appear exhausted.
4. Examine berry bushes periodically. Some bushes which appear picked will respond to examination as exhausted, and can be refertilized.

Describe your issue

That's pretty much it. I'm guessing maybe it's what happens when a Gobbler ducks into an exhausted bush? There have been so many gobblers, and not all of them ended up being fed to the pigs. I'll report more if I notice anything, but this seems to take a long time to emerge. I saw it once before and dismissed it, but this time I was waiting for all my bushes to exhaust and it turns out they all have been for several game days, but about 25% of them appear as picked.

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