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How can i change the molehat's filter color?

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Milllk    59

i try to use the addcomponentpostinit but it does not work.


local function ChangeMoleShader (inst)
    print("it work")
        day = "images/shader/purple_moon_cc.tex",
        dusk = "images/shader/purple_moon_cc.tex",
        night = "images/shader/purple_moon_cc.tex",
        full_moon = "images/shader/purple_moon_cc.tex",
    return inst

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Mr. Tiddles    1154

The answers you seek lie within the hats.lua prefab, located in the scripts-prefabs folder, my child.



What I mean is, the colourcube override is in the onequip/onunequip functions in the hat.lua. What you'd wanna do is make a prefab postinit for the molehat itself. 


Adding a function something like this in said postinit:


        inst.components.equippable:SetOnEquip( function(inst)
And as for what thingy to do? You'll find your clues in the hat.lua.
An unequip would be uneeded, as it already just removes the colour cube and night vision. 

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Milllk    59

the molehat has a tag nightvision which provides the vision effect,it can't be change during equip or unequip,it rely on the inst itself




like this, so i add the tag ,but can't change the color,i guess if i can find where nightvision is defined,i will be fine for modifying.


ill try what u've told.

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