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[Gameplay] Spider Hat does not work if Spiders are angry !


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Spider Hat does not work if Spiders are angry !

Steps to reproduce

1.Make Spider Hat
2.Put a lot Spiders to kill the spider queen
3.after they are done they will come for YOU

Describe your issue

Apparently I had 2 Queens running wild again and making a lot of spiders, I could not fight them directly because I used up my last Tentacle Spike and the Spear was not cut for it.

So I made preparations for the fight: 2 Logsuits, 2 Spider Hats, 1 Tentacle Spike(I could only get one in that short amount a time) and 1 Amulet

I went into fight with a logsuit and a spider hat equipped, I made the spiders to attack the first queen, while I was dealing alone with the second.

After both queens ware dead The warrior spiders jumped me and almost killed me, but I had a amulet, so I swapped for it, not that I used it cause I managed to get away with only 3HP.

The Spider Hat that I used was on the whole time when they began to attack me. It was at 57% when I took it off after I was safe.

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