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[Performance] ATI display driver crash when I press "Continue"


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ATI display driver crash when I press "Continue"

Steps to reproduce

Start up game from Steam
Press Continue

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The game is probably the latest version, since I cannot get into the actual game anymore, I can't tell.
This is the only game that crashes my display driver every single time... I've made it 30 days without a single crash but then it just started (probably irrelevant).
On a rare occasion it maybe spits out the "initialzietexture" failure.
My PC specs are:
Graphics - AMD Radeon HD 6950 (2048MB video memory)
Graphics driver - latest 12.11 beta driver
CPU - Intel Core 2 duo 3GHz

I see no reason for the game to crash. I've tried changing every option in the option menu. It won't even work in windowed mode anymore.
Please help.

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