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[Gameplay] Items Disappearing in thin air (Even BAGS!)

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llikazuchill    18

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Items Disappearing in thin air (Even BAGS!)

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After a Boar or Hellhounds battle in the middle of the night.

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I was preparing a fight with those Boars or Hellhounds in the middle of the night, equipped my logsuit and randomly dropped my bag bellow my base camp and then the hounds came in the middle of the night. I didn't fight them until some of them fell asleep. they're about 10 boars and only 2 left chasing me. I used the flute.. thing to make them fall asleep and then wait for the day comes. after that I fought them and killed them all. After that I was searching for my bag where I put it and now it's gone! It has a lot of important stuff inside and they're all gone! I didn't see what happened but I've encountered some things disappear on my naked eye. Bees nest disappeared in thin air after fighting those killer bees!
items disappears when put to a complicated areas. Please fix this...

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Syd    233

If it was near the ocean, that was likely the cause. Items that fall into the ocean and out of bounds are supposed to disappear, but the system that handles it doesn't seem to have a very good grasp on where exactly that boundary is, so items that are near the coastline are in danger of disappearing.

Hopefully it'll be fixed Soon.

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