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[Gameplay] - Augment changed after level completion

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Augment changed after level completion

Issue Description: I completed an early mission which contained two augment machines. I interacted with both of them with the same agent, Decker. On the first machine I took the augment offered (Penetration Scanner). On the second machine I took the empty socket (Unfortunately, I can't remember for sure what was offered; I believe it was Titanium Rods). My other agent did not interact with either machine.

After completing the level, the augment Decker was granted has become Predictive Brawling.

I recall opening and closing the menu for the first augment machine 2-3 times (checking to see if such an action cost AP, etc.) before choosing to take the augment. I believe I only opened the menu for the second machine once, and took the socket after somewhat quickly deciding I didn't want the augment offered on my other agent (again, I am unfortunately not sure what was offered, but I do not _think_ it was Predictive Brawling).

I recall there being an augment drill behind a vault door which I hacked with incognita, but did not access with any agent as I did not have access to the key necessary to get through the door.

I did not check Decker's augments at any time during the mission and only became aware something was amiss at the skill allocation screen.

Steps to Reproduce: As I cannot replay the level I cannot be sure if the bug would happen again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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