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[Gameplay] Strange Buffalou spawn Bug


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Strange Buffalou spawn Bug

Steps to reproduce

1. Started Game
2.running around
3.See Bajiulian Buffalou's

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Finnaly I did it and fixed my Steam Problem and I find a....strange Bug.....
You all guy's know this "Yellow Gras" Biome where all the Rabbit's and the Grass is ,yes?Not the Tiny with the Buffelaous I mean the Big one.
I wasrunning around like a normal Player in Don't starve do and I finnaly fin the "Yellow Grass" Biome I was really happy cause I can kill all these Rabbit's >:3 So I was running around like normally and you know what I saw´? A Buffelou. I was think "Yeah, Cool a Buffelou and he is alone!Perfect!I'm going to kill him!" I was running at him and behind him I saw another Buffelalou, and behind this Buffelaou another I was runnig around more and I saw TOUSANDS OF BUFFALOUS!LIKE 90!

I think this is a Spawn Glitch >_>

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