[Forum Game] - Make Up an Odd Reason to Ban the Person Above You

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Master Jand    1539


Ban cyborg for thinking I would call the cops on their underground operation

*pulls out phone*


Hello, this is 911, what is your emergency?

I've uncovered something BIG.

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geni0529    2036
55 minutes ago, Master Jand said:

Jand: Can I get you a Maple Syrup-Sake?

Watermelen: That would be nice.

Jand: While you're here, can I give you some free advice?

Type less. Lie more.

Don't let them know what you're against or what you're, for.

Watermelen: Huh?

Jand: You want to get ahead?

Watermelen: Yes...

Jand: Fools who run their mouths of wind. Up. Dead.

So defect to Koreafornia. The tyrany that is Japanada must DIE!

*intense Laurence yelling* 

6 minutes ago, watermelen671 said:

Ban Master Jand for ever hoping to be a Canadian.

You will NEVER be like me. >:3


Ban Water for thinking anyone would ever wanna be canadian

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Asparagus    9135

Asparagnito: Ban discrepancies detected... little twerps not witty enough to make up a ban while having a conversation...


21 hours ago, Master Jand said:

Yeah, I'll change it.

21 hours ago, DatShadowJK said:

No its fine :p 

Ban Master Jand and DatShadowJK for not editing O__O

9 hours ago, Destros09 said:

Ban the forums for not counting these post towards watermelons and master jands totals

8 hours ago, watermelen671 said:

Ban Destros because you are TOTALLY right! BAN THE FORUMS!!!

7 hours ago, Master Jand said:

*watermelen signs into his klei account*

Watermelen: huh, wut's this?

You have been banned from the Klei Forums because you and many others had voted to shut down the forums permanently. Good day.


Ban Watermelen and Destros for not knowing the forums and @JoeW are one and banning the forums will anger the forum gods O__O


Ban Watermelen for spamming a cat gif O__O just make it your signature if you want so you don't have to keep adding it in everytime

Ban Datshadowjk for having eye pain, noob

*Asparagnito disengaging...*

Edited by Asparagus

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