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[Forum Game] - Make Up an Odd Reason to Ban the Person Above You


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Basically, make a weird reason to ban the person above you and so on and so on... (and by that, ban the person who posted last... with the exception that that person didn't ban the person that came before them which will entitle you to a special ban power to ban that person and the person they forgot to ban)




Ban Asparagus for making a forum game


Then go from there.


To start off, have a go at me, then continue down.


(Can't use the example ^^^)






EDIT: Discalimer: This could either end up being a hoot or start a flame war... either way, It'll be entertaining O__O


EDIT: Because Blewcheese, O__O

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I don't have a psychotic love for Markiplier! I'm just creating this cool mod for him and his community... and Bob and his community... and Wade and Jack and Yamimash................................


oh yeah and ban MenaAthena for hiding cookies under that Fez

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