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[MOD REQUEST] Wallace, the Elder

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UnionGaming    210

Google Don't Starve Unimplemented Characters and go on wiki for art cues.


Sounds may be in files. - I believe they are a cello.

Wallace is Scottish, so maybe make Mactusks neutral? 


Able to craft thulecite (find craftable thulecite mod for a good recipe)

Able to craft BROKEN Ancient Altar

Can craft books

Slow, due to age

Spawns with a cane, does axe damage, and breaks in 3 days of being equipped (recraftable with 4 logs 1 axe) - Brings his speed up to normal speed, not equippable by other characters (think lucy)

Slow attacks

Bothered by stale food

Sanity drain at night nonexistent

Slightly dapper bonus during day (1sanity/min or so)

Rain could bother him more (2x wetness gain, sanity loss)

This makes thulecite and ancient items renewable, and against griefing in a multiplayer setting.

Most art belongs to Klei, and PLEASE use the shirt that's shown on the portrait for the character. It's hugely annoying when someone recreates a character and changes stuff like that, naming no names. (*cough* Wilbur)


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