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[Crash] Character block into a Cave


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Category : [Crash]


Platform : Steam (Windows 7 64Bits)


Mods : Yes


Mods List : -always On Status

-Display Food Values

-Minimap HUD


-Where's My Beefalo

-Wormhole Marks


Version Number : Rev. 134052 WIN32_STEAM


Issue title : Game crash when i enter the first time in a cave. Since my character is in, i cant start game.


Steps to reproduce : Go into a cave, game crash (The first time i go in).

Now i start my game (where my character is in cave) and the game crash.


Describe your issue

I wanted to enter into a cave and the game crashed. So i quit it and reload it.

When i try to enter into my game (where my character is in the cave) the game crash again. I disable all mod but same issue.


I will send with my post my log.




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Alas, it is difficult for us to provide technical support for games with mods enabled; there are many variables that could potentially affect one computer and not another. One thing you can try is disabling all mods installed and try loading the affected save file to see if that resolves the issue.


If disabling all mods does not fix the issue, try the steps below:

  • Delete the file "cave_1_1_1" in Steam/userdata/<your-user-id>/219740/remote/
  • Disable Steam Cloud synchronization for Don't Starve.
    • Right-click Don't Starve on Steam - choose Properties
    • Click Updates tab - uncheck "Enable Steam Cloud Sync.... for Don't Starve"
  • Start a new game on a different save slot (DO NOT Overwrite Slot 1)
  • Go into a cave using that new game world - save & exit the game.
  • Go to Steam/userdata/<your-user-id>/219740/remote/ and rename the new game cave file to "cave_1_1_1"
  • Launch Don't Starve and try loading up your affected save file.
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