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[VITA] More Crashes Go figure.

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After removing the game from my vita and giving up on this game I decide to redownload it and play it again. Since I've removed this game completely from Vita saves and all it WAS running somewhat fine. Still loads of lag and No big errors.


Recently my game has started to crash more frequently AGAIN. I'm on day 359 AGAIN. My crashes happen When auto-save kicks in 3 seconds later it crashes.  When I save and exit it crashes. When I try to go back down the sink hole I crash. Anything that involves Saving the game cause it to crash.


The crashing started happening around mid point spring. after triggering a Winter trap spring happened again and since then i've been in the caves exploring. Around Day 334 Still spring I got out of the cave to do some top side gathering and just when I'm thinking this auto save is gonna go thru it crashes. Right in the desert area mid-day with Light rain.


I spawn outside the sink hole again seeing as how that's my last save. 8 minutes later I crash...AGAIN.


I go back down into the caves to wait out spring Here I'm thinking it's the rain that's causing the crash. But it's not.


The game Keeps Crashing over and over and over and over and over on the Autosave or me just saving and quitting.


I've tried loading a back up save that hasn't had any crashing and running the game like normal but it doesn't help. I've deleted the game and reinstalled it again and then used my back up save and Still crashing. I'm pretty confident that the data that I've backed up has not been corrupted.


I've deleted the game 3 times already to get this damn game to run without the fear of Auto-Crashing, but it seems like nothing is working.


My Vita is Somewhat "New" as in I had sent it in and Sony sent me another Slim Vita a couple of months ago




To add;


When Autosave kicks in inside the caves There is almost No wait and Have not had a crash.


My Bases Topside are small. The only Big base that I have is no where near the sinkhole. My world has had a lot of things reduced to reduce the amount of clutter. Long days, Very long seasons, I am playing ROG as Wendy.

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Dear Devs,


I crashed again. It is now Summer Day 366. I managed to go from Day 359 to day 366. It's Raining and It was about to be the dawn of a new day (367) However As Autosave kicked in it and was about to be over it Froze Followed by, YUP have you guessed it yet, CRASH!


Before I went on from day 359 I loaded up a backup save from when I was in the caves before I surfaced.AGAIN! There was no issues for the 6 days I was playing.


I Reformatted My Memory Card, Rebuilt My liabrary, Restored my Vita ( not in that order ) and loaded up my old data and played up until now and I still have this issue.


I once turned off Autosave and went on for a long time. 26 days that's what? 2 hours of my progress gone when I saved and quit for a break.



UPDATE: Now on day 368. I've come to notice that spring and rain in general are not good for autosave. This means that i'm going to have to force my autosave off during rain sessions or some way to skip rain. Which is what I did by using Siesta and Tent only good thing about that is the rain lasted one ingame day.


CORRCTION: it's day 368 forgot I skipped a day.




UPDATE: DAY 379 Auto Save crash. Back at my base and it was right after the Full moon phase. Still summer Barely turning to the second hour.

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New crash.


Day 428 Autumn 2 hours into the new day.


I Come out of the Second Sink Hole I spent 22 days in. When I come out there are bats, Poop and RAIN. Now i'm stuck in a loop. I can't progress without crashing due to the rain. At least that's what I'm guessing and seems to the main issue. Autosave wasn't the cause of this one.

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Crash update


Day 449 Autumn I think Getting close to winter.


After Reloading my last save From day 406 I decide to go back and try to explore my second sink hole. I spent about 43 days down  there building up my base and exploring the ruins. I decided I wanted to go back up to the surface for some saplings and Grass tuffs and Yup you guessed it again. CRASH.


However unlike my previous crash report ( See Post 3) I can't even resurface. It gets the loading screen and about 3/4s of the way there is stops loading and 10 seconds later my game crashes.  Guess I get to reload my backup save and stay in the caves cause apparently I can't get back to the surface without crashing.


TO ADD: I was trying to surface during the night time.


ADD 2: Loaded up my backup save and waited til it was morning for the sun to come out and had the same results. I also added an image to show where my loading stops.




I let a couple of days pass while i was underground. Enough to where both the surface and cave are both in winter, but, it seems that I'm having the same damn issue. Looks as if I'm gonna have to get my backup from day 405 before autumn set in and before i went in my second cave exploration. Or I could just quit playing this game seeing as how the Vita version is gonna get completely ignored and Nobody from this company isn't gonna do a thing about improving the game's issues such as framerate loss, laggy controls, and frequent crashes. Then again I'm really the only one that has even bothered to really report crashes While everyone else will tell me that there game is running Sooo perfect for them.


UPDATE3: I backed up the data and reloaded the date from day 405 AGAIN. I'm going to try out the same cave again and see if this loading issue happens again. From my understanding the data becomes corrupt and can't load. And I can't go and Delete the cave in hopes it will teleport me to the surface.


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Yup another crash.


After my last post about never being able to get out of the caves i Reloaded a previous save. Now I'm trying to go to my cave in the swamp. However after the rain passed and it was getting close to dusk I jumped in the sinkhole only to crash.


It was day 407, autumn, playing as wendy.

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Another crash report


After spending about 30 something plus days in the caves again my game did the same Damn thing as the previous mention. I've spent about maybe 30+ days in the caves exploring and setting up my base. It seems that if I spend an extended period of time in the caves my game will save followed by load followed by CRASH when I want to surface again.


Playing as wendy, Autumn, Spent about 30+ days in the caves.


I swear it's really ridiculous to spend so much time playing this game only to have something as a cave save corrupt my game save or something not functioning in this game right and nothing being done about it. Vita version of this game is completely ignored and seems to have absolutely no support.


What's really weird about this is when I started playing this game again about a few months ago after deleting this game from my vita there was no issues. Non, zip, Na-da-Damn thing wrong. Now that I'm about 300+ days into one character I'm having the same issue all over again from december last year.


To add: I've disabled my Bluetooth features, Wifi and other things in the background on my VITA.


Second Add: i reloaded my Backup Save, at day 416 resurfaced, No issues going back up. I started my second cave exploring on day 406.

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Crash Report


Day 473

Dusk Winter time

Lots of snow on the ground.

was just about to turn night when the auto save kicked in. I was standing in the middle of a blank field with nothing really there except a flower. No SnowFall or anything.

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0 answers? :(

You are actually doing a great job getting straight to the root of the problem!


Are you messing with me or Are you for the Real?! This is the internet by the way.


Nah just messing with you. Either way, I am finding ways to get around the issues that are causing crashes. Granted that most of them are Not really Crash Proof.

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I am bumping my thread here. Not to get anyone's attention, but, to let anyone know that I've been taking a break from the Vita and will resume play when I feel like wrecking my brain on how to predect, avoid, and curse softly in my head about the dozens of crashes that happen alot in this Port of a game.

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