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mac updater 22-23 and more!

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No mods on game, using a macbook pro w/OS X 10.9.5.


To put it simply, I couldn't update my game for mac os x, it was stuck on updater22 and it only allowed me to restart the update or skip it and continue to play the previous version. So what do I do? I ask kleiforums bug tracker, (probably in the improper forum post which is why I'm making this one) and an admin told me to find ".../updater/22/updater.app," and they said to "change that line to ../updater/23/updater.app and save the file." I did that, now the game launches for a split-second (not showing anything on screen other than the loading icon that pops up on the dock but shortly terminates afterwards)...and then the updater launches for a split second as well. It just so happens the game is now pretty defunct considering it doesn't launch. What's going on here klei??

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