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[Gamelay] Getting Stuck Upon Entering/Leaving Caves (PS3)

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So, I've had this glitch happen to me on several save files on Don't Starve: Giant Edition-


One time, upon entering the cave as Wendy, I end up getting stuck right where I fell, and I couldn't move an inch. I could climb back out, but was still stuck in place when I re-enter.


Before I started writing this, playing as Wilson, I entered the caves in hopes of exploring it. I realized that I was missing a few supplies, so I went to resurface to get more. Then, after returning to the surface, I couldn't move. Just like with Wendy, Entering & exiting again didn't work. Brilliant way to end 108 days of survival, huh?


Additionally, right when I started a save file as Wendy, after Maxwell's intro dialog, she was stuck in place & I couldn't move her. Tried reloading the save file, still couldn't move.


I'm not sure if there is a way to recreate this; it just happens at absolute random, it seems.

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