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HELP! How do you get rid of farm plots?

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Diezen    125

My, my, my, farm plot grows stuff, so hard! Spider Queens? Oh my lord!Oh grow, you! Yes grow with speed! With carrots, berries at my feet!Tastes good! When you chomp em' down!A bunch of farm plots sittin in my camp's ground!And i gnaw! With luck! Cuz this is a camp those hounds can't touch!I told you tiger spiders! You cant grow this!Yeah, thats how we grow it and you know, you cant grow this!Get in my traps, bunnn!You cant grow this!Yo let me grow these eggplants!You cant grow this!New farm plots! Real fast!You grow em so fast, even tallbirds want a share!So get, outta my camp! And get yo eggs' and put em by a tree!While its hatchin!Cook it!Grow a little bit, dont eat it while its raw!Nom it!Nom it!Put it in a crock pot and eat that snack!With berries! And some buttah!You got waffles thatyou cant grow.

I made that up in about 10 minutes too :]
Nice one. Hehehe.

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