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[Gameplay] I've been downgraded to demo only?!

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bigtuna    10

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I've been downgraded to demo only?!

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Alright, I'm really frustrated!

I've been playing for a few weeks now.

Today I attempted to continue playing. I was surprised when I was prompted to "log in." Normally I don't have to.

My log in credentials were accepted, but my option to continue is missing!

In fact, not only am I unable to continue, but my ONLY OPTION is to PLAY DEMO

AND my product key is invalid as I have already redeemed it.

What happened guys?!

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bigtuna    10

I think I found the root of the problem. I must have changed emails.

The problem seems to be solved, I can "PLAY" instead of "PLAY DEMO" now!

Oddly enough, though, my experience seems to have been reset, as well as my research, and I'm on a new map.

Perhaps I lost the data when I cleared the browsing history and cache?

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