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[Gameplay] Traitorous Swine

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Traitorous Swine

Steps to reproduce

-Have large entourage of pigs

-Kill monsters until pig eats monster meat and transforms

-Attack pig while it transforms amidst it's fellows

Describe your issue

Have a 5+ group of pigs following and go spider hunting.

Eventually one or two of the pigs will go werehog from eating the monster meat dropped.

I found if I attack the pig during it's vulnerable transformation, a few of my nearby friendly swineguard begin attacking me.

This is aggravated by the fact the game still considers them 'friendly' so I cannot attack them as they pummel me into mulch.

This has happened to me three times so I feel it is fairly reliable to reproduce.

Also pigs don't seem to attack werehogs(unless it targets them specifically) and will happily watch one maul you to death.

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