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DST - Inconsistent results from summer/winter trap set pieces


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As of single player, I have always successfully hammered down the trap chest and fridge with no change in season every single time.



Opening and looting trap chests in a not coinciding season will sometimes do nothing.

Hammering down the traps will sometimes actually trigger them, much to my surprise, (and that of everyone else on the server who was not preparing for summer)


I have no save files or what not, but just putting this out there of what I have observed.

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It actually should always trigger, sometimes it does do nothing but that's a real low chance.


There isn't really a point to opening those traps anyway, unless it's actually already that season and you want the gear. I myself think season changing setpieces should be removed for dst, it gives the gear to only one person and i do not quite recall someone willing to trade their summer frest for some berries.

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