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[Gameplay] Collecting Items and Maps


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Collecting Items and Maps

Steps to reproduce

Chop down a tree

Collect the item,

As the item flies over to your inventory, press tab

The item will be displayed on the map

Describe your issue

If you are collecting an item (for me a tree log) and press tab as it flies over to the backpack, it will show the item on the map.

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It freezes the game when it shows you the map, this includes the animation of collecting that is in both the central game and inventory so it has to overlay both, but apparently is also overlays the the map. If you have something on the cursor it also transfers to the map screen.

Layer 4 the actual game

Layer 3 the inventory, backpack, inside-chest

Layer 2 Map

Layer 1 Collecting animation, Cursor

At least that is what I think !

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