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[Gameplay] Windowed Mode is out of sync with mouse.


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Windowed Mode is out of sync with mouse.

Steps to reproduce

Windowed Mode: Occurs

Fullscreen: Doesn't occur, but terrible pixelation.

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Alright, so my problem is this; whenever I play in Windowed mode, the mouse and the game are out of sync. In order to press a button or anything, I have to move my mouse about 2 inches to the right of what I want to click, which can't be possible for some buttons and stuff in-game. This fixes when in Fullscreen mode, but this also feels unplayable because it is so pixelated, I can't read any of the letters!

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Same Problem here

My friend (I give the extra copy for him) dont have that problem.

He is Windows 7 and im Win XP

To play with mouse sync, i need play in Windowed Resized.

When i put Windowed Full, the mouse sync-off with game.

And i can't play on fullscreen, because the Options menu, all settings are "locked", but the sound and Bloom aren't.

If i try to force a fullscreen on system.ini, the game starts with Weird Graphic

My config:

Dual Core E5700 @3.0 GHZ

2 GB 667

Ge Force 9400 GT 512 mb

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