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[Gameplay] Bug net can still catch dead bees.


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Bug net can still catch dead bees.

Steps to reproduce

1- Locate and kill any Bee, Killer Bees also work.

2- Before the Bee's corpse disappears, equip a Bug Net.

3- Press Spacebar while near the Bee's corpse. You will obtain a Live Bee item, which may still be used for crafting recipes.

Describe your issue

After you kill a Bee and it drops it's Stinger or Honey, using the Space Bar functionality, you can still "catch" the Bee's corpse, which the game still recognizes as a live bee.

It may sometimes disappear afterwards, when the bee's corpse would normally vanish, but before that happens you may still use it for Bee Mines or Bee Boxes.

This does not work by clicking on the bee's corpse, so I assume it to not be intended functionality.

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