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[Gameplay] Cannot Eat Edible Item


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Cannot Eat Edible Item

Steps to reproduce

!! Does NOT happen every time. !!

1) Eat any edible.

2) Eat an additional edible of the same type without removing the cursor off of the player.

Describe your issue

When trying to eat an additional edible item of the same time, it will not happen no matter how many times you click on the player, you will not be able to eat. This does not happen every time, but when it does, it displays an issue in the game as some part of the code is not working or you would be able to continue eating the additional edible item. I have had this happen with food and flowers.

Update: After playing again today, the only way to be able to eat the item is if you move your character to a new location or drop the item. You can click a million times, when this bug occurs, and the character (I was using Wilson) just stares and will not eat.

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