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[Help] Set custom item durability on use

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LDaldrup    0

Hello fellow DST modders,


I am in the progress of making a character mod and need some help with the scripting.


My problem:

One of the character perks is that items have a small chance to instantly break on use (regardless of remaining item durability).

I just need a pointer on how to get the and item that the player is currently using and on how to change the durability of the item on use.


Thanks a bunch in advance!



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DarkXero    2889

-- Tools and weapons have durability, given by finiteuses

-- Using a tool or attacking with weapon consumes it

-- We use AddComponentPostInit so all tools/weapons using the component have the modification from the base class

AddComponentPostInit("finiteuses", function(self)

-- When consuming something this event gets pushed to the tool/weapon

self.inst:ListenForEvent("percentusedchange", function(inst, data)

local owner = nil

-- We look for the person that is holding the weapon when its durability changes

if inst.components.inventoryitem then

owner = inst.components.inventoryitem.owner


-- If the person exists and its wilson...

if owner and owner.prefab == "wilson" then

-- we roll, if we get a 0-0.9 out of 0-1, we win, if not, we lose our weapon

if math.random() > 0.9 and data.percent > 0 then

-- we lost, we set the uses remaining in our weapon to 0, so it breaks






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