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(Halp!) Multiple char art, right one not being picked at join

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Ryudragon    0

Herro there, people of the Forums!


So, my mate and I have been working on a character, and we ran into a few problems along the way, some we fixed ourselves, some we brought here for help.


The character has three different sets of anim art, "normal", "insane", and "psycho".. we have it change (the art, speed, atk damage and scale) based on sanity (duh). I got that working myself, modifying what someone helped us with to switch between only two, before. 


Currently we have the character completely working save for one thing.. when you join a server, if you arent already above the first sanity threshold, aka "normal".. the art doesnt switch to the right set. It will be on the right scale and speed.. but the art's wrong. 


See what you guys can do!


Heres the Lua!



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