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(Help!) Custom Character Art Bug Fix Needed

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Ryudragon    0

Okay so I'm trying and trying to make it work but nothing I do is working and I've run out of ideas on how to fix this, thus leading me here! 


Coding -should- make it work fine how I want it. In order to get a bigger size view simply console c_setsanity(0.2) or whatever and he gets bigger. I believe all the meat for the art is done, but still a few minor changes might occur in the future.


As it is now, when the files are loaded in, it cuts off the horns and the fins. I was hoping to fix that somehow to include all of it or another.


So I first tried to resize all the different arts by 77% in photoshop, and disaster resulted.


I'll post both atlas sheets from the original, and the 77% resized (atlas0-newer). I just want it to look nice and work good at this point visually. the art is there but it simply doesnt compile correctly or something.


If anyone could tell me how to fix correctly (surfing through the forum yielded no clear results for my noob mind), or fix it themselves and post it back here, it would mean a million.


Thanks a ton!



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Ryudragon    0

Has anyone tried to look into this/currently working on fixing this? Just was wondering! I havent made any progress at all. I'm not sure where to start with what's wrong.

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Sarcen    21

The atlas comes with a xml file that determines the coordinates used. I guess what you did is just paint on top of an existing atlas. Its easier to generate the atlas from seperate textures.


*edit* As this is a character it works slightly different and is slightly harder then I thought. But I believe the bugs I'm seeing are because of incorrect placement on the atlas.

Edited by Sarcen

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DarkXero    2889

I downloaded the zip on the OP.


You have an anim and build associated to the ryukiin atlas.

You copied them and used them for a ryukiin_insane atlas.


But your ryukiin_insane atlas is different,

So, as the atlases are different, incompatibilities arise.

Using krane, you can decompile with --mark-atlases, a build.bin, to obtain the areas that get cut or not.


I attach incomplete progress with the following

- the anim.bin that is linked to the build.bin

- the build.bin named ryukiin_insane (which is the same as ryukiin)

- atlas-0 of ryukiin with grey space

- atlas-1 with the same

- insane0 of ryukiin_insane

- insane1


Your task is to copy the expressions from insane0 into the transparent blocks of atlas-0.

Same for insane1 into atlas-1.


Then delete they greyed space and compile the png as a tex, and you will get the atlas-0.tex.

Same for atlas-1.tex.


Alternatively, you can do the same krane command to the atlases that have the insane version, and you will see that some images will get cut. You can move those images so that they don't get cut. I didn't do this because I got spaces and a lot of things cut out, so I decided to go straight to the base.

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gregdwilson    1

Instead of resizing in photoshop you could do it the same size as the original so that you don't mess up the pivot points and the atlas files. Them use this in your character prefab when initializing the character (or anywhere you want it to take effect that inst referrs to the character).


replace 1,1,1 by whatever scale factor you want. If you want him twice as big do 2,2,2. Half as big use 0.5,0.5,0.5 etc.


For the original make instead of painting over the atlas use this tutorial and make each specific part and then compile it using the steam workshop mod tools.

Edited by gregdwilson

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