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(Help!) Custom Character Coding Fix Needed

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Ryudragon    0

So my mate and I have been trying to recode a character for myself for a couple days now but its really confusing (at least for me) and we've come across an issue of lameness in the character.


Is there anyone out there that could help us recode it so it works, or at least find the problem that we are currently facing with it? (also sorry if something weird pops up, he was coding it and left a few easter eggs for me to find out)


A bit about what we want for the character:


Ryukiin is a dragonshark, current art doesnt display that at all but it will be redone after the coding fix.



Health: 200

Sanity: 200

Hunger: 300



Health doesnt change 

Sanity drains at low rate, similar to the character Wendy. Comfortable with the darkness as well. (I dont want to be affected by ghosts either, but coding and rawr).

Hunger drains at a 0.3 ( I know its low ) when sanity above 155.

Damage is 0.7 when sanity above 155.



spawns with gold piece, dragon scales make him invulnerable to fire damage and heat damage. his stats change if he is driven into an insane state.


*doesnt eat much when sane,  *insanity drains hunger greatly



At 150 sanity and below Ryukiin goes "insane" and his form changes to a darker look (will art that later).

In his insane form (below 150 sanity):

Health doesnt change

Sanity drains at the same rate as before.

Hunger drains at a 1.5 rate.

Damage is 3.0.

He is 1.25 bigger than before, to simply show the fact he's insane, and the art for the character also changes.



*Might change max sanity to 200 and the insane to happen at 100 but I'm not sure. simply for the fact the part of the character needs to be nerf'd a little bit. 



Would be great to have some help and another set of eyes, and better coding ability.

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