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Double the time day lasts, Quadruple the time night lasts, add a dawn, etc.


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  1. 1. Thoughts?

    • I agree with all or most of the suggestions here and support this.
    • I agree with some of the suggestions, and the general idea is good.
    • One or more of these suggestions have major flaws and I can't support implementing this.

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Wilson    10

i think this is a really bad idea.... why would you want to make getting experience ( which i think is obtained by how many days you survive) a heck of a lot harder? (sure it being hard is what the game is all about but damn.) and from my poor math you're trying to make nights last longer or be equal to a day? wth man. i think the devs original night/day setting is good enough. no?

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Well, how about charcoal torches? Or you can have the ability to slap some fuel on the torch whist it's on fire lol.

Okay good idea I like iteven though people on here whine about minecraftI still think you should get coal from rocks and be able to make coal torches for placing down on the ground and they would last 50 daysSuck it mc haters lol(I don't even play minecraft anyway) ;)

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