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[Gameplay] Non-stop exploding Bee-Mines

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Faracuai    10

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Non-stop exploding Bee-Mines

Steps to reproduce

Randomly, when a monster steps on the Bee-Mines.

Describe your issue

I think I did not see this issue in the known ones, so, I hope this helps.

I don't really remember that the Bee-Mines would be so lethal and numerous on bees. I just placed one near my fireplace and I got ambushed by some dogs. I lured one of them into the mine, and when it stepped on it 4 bees stung the dog to death and the corpse stayed there, suddenly the damn mine-thing wouldn't stop exploding, again, and again, pouring a group of angry bees everytime.

They saved my life, but I don't know if they are my friends and I don't think I will gather honey from my boxes again, I might die in seconds, because there are hundreds of evil bees, fliying around the grassland.

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vilk    10
I'd like to see a pic of that :p


It's possible to "summon" tons of them to fill all map by attacking monsters :twisted:

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