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Error During Initialization - Steam Version

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Hey so I have been playing this game fine but then, I need to both reinstall my operating system (Windows 8) and get a new hard drive. So then I reinstalled my steam and Dont Starve but now I get the Error during Initialization message. I have tried everything I could find to do.Such as: 
Verfying cache
changing graphic chip
and a lot of other things that i dont even remeber wht they were
My Log file looks like
Starting up
Don't Starve: 115739 WIN32_STEAM
Build Date: 2014-11-04_16-15-32
THREAD - started 'GAClient' (6280)
WARNING: Unsupported resolution 1280x720.
WARNING: Unsupported resolution 800x600.
ERROR: Error initializing OpenGl.  Your monitor does not support the specified resolutions or your video drivers do not support OpenGL ES 2.0.
WindowManager::Initialize failed
THREAD - started 'WindowsInputManager' (4376)
HttpClient::ClientThread::Main() complete
Shutting down


Here is my DxDiag file also


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"Error During Initialization" occurs when the graphics card is not able to render Don't Starve. Checking your DxDiag, your graphics card does not have the sufficient dedicated RAM to run the game. 


If you have an AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce card installed, go into your AMD or NVIDIA Control Panel and force your dedicated GPU to launch and run Don't Starve instead of your Intel card.



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It looks like you are running an Alienware 14 laptop - meaning your graphics card is an NVIDIA. Visit the NVIDIA drivers site and download & install the latest drivers for your card.


You can also try changing your desktop resolution to 1280 x 720 to see if the game will be able to start up properly.

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