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Spider Reincarnation

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So, not a major bug but, I was playing as webber today and friended one of the spiders wandering around me, he accidentally got caught in one of my bunny traps I've been using to keep a steady supply of spider parts, and a few days (ingame) later I got bored and decided to open a cave. When I entered, my spider buddy was back at my side, very clearly following me, untill a tentacle killed him, heh.


And another little bug I had was coming out of the cave during a full moon left me in total darkness, I had a mining helmet so I was alright but I didn't have the ambient light of a Full Moon.


I am using mods, and I am using Dawnbreak so that might have had an effect on the full moon, but I don't have any mods that should be tweaking followers in anyway.

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