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[Suggestion] Status Effects Please Dear Sir!

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Ok so I have been thinking a lot about this game over the past couple of days (and sinking many delightful hours into it) and I've been wanting to make a really good contribution to the community that will hopefully be implemented by the devs.

So my suggestion is the incorporation of many more status effects into the game. I saw there were some previous suggestions regarding this:

Status effects, for those of you that don't know, are passive bonuses or penalties applied to the character either for a couple of hours, days, weeks or even permanently! The examples that Dijad provided above in his suggestion for disease and poison are a great example of status effects.

My thoughts kind of incorporate these two threads and are essentially a collection of ideas I had surrounding the status effects topic. WARNING: I have attempted to make this entertaining, and I have probably failed... in a horrible fashion :D

  • What? Players are not understanding that Pigs aren't just a piece of meat but have hopes, dreams and feelings too? Well how about players contract the Pigwallow illness that drastically reduces their movement speed and lets not even get into how bad contracting Werewallow is!

  • Are players *still* going on berry-only diets and sharing nothing with those good-to-do gobblers? How about the "satiated" effect. Sure you can keep chugging on those berry smoothies but each and every time you do you're getting lesser benefit to your hunger from doing so. I heard that mixing up your diet might help prevent this!

  • Players showing no respect to those poor monster meat farm- eh... er... I mean spiders (who try SO hard to be mean)? The travesty! Give those bites some staying power with poison that can really spoil your day, or playthrough...

  • We have way too many gravediggers these days! Give those necrophiliacs something to think about next time they're trying to jump your grandma's bones by draining their (Soon-to-be-implemented) sanity! Oh and make it doubly worse for them when grandma (god bless her restless soul) decides to make a guest appearance!

  • Dear SIRS! While I do appreciate how absolutely snazzerjacks your elderly beard looks on you... Surely it must be just a TAD bit more difficult to collect twigs, cut grass and chop trees with such hairy brilliance? Even worse: I've heard that Treeguards carry that rotten "Treebeard" illness that slows you down to a crawl and makes it difficult to do even the simplest things... at least you get two pinecones when you break your golden axe to remove it... such fine mementos!

  • Just another dull day taking Fido, Fifi and Patch for a walk around your arena (!!)? Make those mutts just a LITTLE more dangerous that their leashed IRL counterparts by making them Rabies-ridden! Oh no you got Rabies or a septic bite?! That's gonna make carrying all that wonderful stuff you hoard around very difficult... you literally look HALF as strong as you used to be!

Those were just SOME of my many crazy ideas with respect to disease/ illness/ other status effects. Antidotes could involve the science machine (unlocking antidotes or a "how to cure" book that gives you the symptoms and what ingredients/recipes cure it [thats my favourite idea by far as players will have to match symptoms to diseases]), the crock pot (recipes for antidotes or certain meals that eliminate certain status effects) or even plain old sleep (forcing the player to "lose" a day).

Status effects can also be positive as in Solid_Air's suggestion post on food effects noted. There should be temporary bonus effects to certain crock pot recipes. Are you planning to visit some family (beefalo) a couple of islands away? How about some increased movement speed! Expecting unwanted 4-legged company at Camp Cosy-Pines? How about some Beefalo Broth that'll thicken that soft pasty skin of yours, or a Mucky Concoction that'll help you swing that tentacle like Swampthing! Are you tired of being all fake nice with those retarded Pigs when all you want to do is lure him away from his little house and feed him 120 flower petals in his sleep so you can watch what the Tungurahua volcanic eruption would've looked like if the lave was manure? Introducing Grue-Lax... when poo is what you're into!

I think the devs need to do some further exploration into status effects and how they can help and hinder a players survival chances. I do think that this would require EXTENSIVE testing as it has the potential to be game-breaking. What do you guys think?

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