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[Exploit] Birds are Stupid


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Birds are Stupid

Steps to reproduce

Leave seeds on the ground

Walk away form seeds

Wait for bird to come to seeds

Bird is stuck hovering above seeds

Kill stupid bird to gain delicious meat and feathers


Describe your issue

So, apparently, either I'm not getting that this is supposed to happen (which is entirely possible), or the birds are spending a wee bit too long hovering above seeds, which somewhat eliminates the point of using a bird trap when I can save the materials to just kill the darn things myself. But it does get a bit ridiculous when I can stockpile 40+ cooked morsels and be loaded with feathers because of this issue, so it'd be nice to have some indication about whether this can be fixed or not. Also, sometimes seeds don't need to be put out by the player, as I've been walking around to see birds just stuck hovering and asking me to please kill them and enjoy their meat and feathers.

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