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[Crock Pot Cookbook]

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julz1981    99

What if there were food items/food related items that gave buffs or abilities? Perhaps use research points in a crock pot, like a science machine, to unlock them.examples:Food Bag- while in inventory, gives a couple more slots just for food. (2xRope + 4xGrass)Gilded Egg- would allow safe consumption of monster meat for several days. (1xTallbird Egg + 3xGold Nugget)Candy- gives player +50Hp and short speed boost. (4xHoney)suggest items that could apply-

I dont know if its all right to necro this...but i tought it was a great idea!especially the food bag, we could even be able to make icepacks to help keep food longer in the inventory, for those long roads ahead XD

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