[General] - Won't let me register in order to play the game


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Category: General

Issue Title: Won't let me register in order to play the game

Issue Description: I just bought and downloaded DST through Steam, and it's all downloaded successfully, but when I go to make an account before I can even play the game, it won't even let me type in my email. I click on the email box and the box turns red before I even type anything and won't let me type anything. It won't even let me select my date of birth. All it lets me do is select the boxes for privacy policy and such. Please help me! I've been wanting to play this game forever.

Steps to Reproduce: Bought and downloaded the game from steam

It downloaded successfully

I went to click play, and it told me to make an account

I went to set up a new account

But, when I selected the box to put in my email it turned red and wouldn't let me

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