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Possible way to stop farming forever.

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I don't know if it would be possible for this to work but, I'm going to suggest it anyway.

Maybe farming too much on one island slowly eats away at the fertility of the island. As you farm more and more, the slower everything grows on the island. Trees take longer to get to maximum size and switch to dead way faster. Grass, saplings, berries, and animals respawn slower and slower. Hostile and passive aggressive mobs become more hostile like spiders hunt during the day and tall-birds, pig men, and beefalo attack you on sight.

This could even work for over harvesting of any resource.

Cut down all the trees or harvest/dig up all the plants makes all the passive animals leave/respawn way slower since they need a certain habitat to house higher populations.

Killing all the animals could have the same effect as over farming since there would be a lack of feces to fertilize the soil.

The only way to reverse this would be to plant trees, stop harvesting berries, grass, logs, twigs, petals, and carrots, stop farming, don't kill animals. Basically, plant as much natural non-farming plants as you can, fertilize them and leave for like a month.

Or this could make the island slowly change into a swamp biome since they are lacking in a lot of base resources and have those nasty tentacles. (I hate the swamps...)

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How would this ultimately add to the progress of the game? It seems like it would make it almost impossible to survive considering you would have to basically live on nothing for a month which wouldn't work considering they lowered how much hunger certain things fix.

Maybe instead we add seasons kind of like that idea fall is a wonderful time, you can harvest a lot, but come winter it happens as you say everything slows down or doesn't work at all. ect ect.

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