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Crash while killing Lureplant


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no mods
Crash while killing Lureplant

Steps to reproduce
 Start the game, kill several eyeplants to access lureplant, kill lureplant.

Describe your issue
I've killed many lureplant before this one but when I decided to kill it the game just crashed the moment I did the last hit on the lureplant.
Then I restarted the game and tried to kill it again and it happened exactly the same way => crash...
So I decided not to kill it and went back 5 in-game days later then the bug didn't happen.


I've uploaded 2 pictures to show the entiere logs.


I hope it helped !

Love this game =)





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Hey there, did you have any mods installed and/or running with your game when the crash happened?


If the crash happens again, could we get you to provide us the contents of your latest log file? You'll find it in your documents folder at Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt

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Im guessing (since ive seen this problem before) that the eyeplants eat the lureplant, causing a crash because the game has no idea what todo with said lureplant. The eyeplants dont despawn fast enough

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