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[Exploit] Fireflies' light from backpack


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Fireflies' light from backpack

Steps to reproduce

1. Put fireflies in to backpack

2. Put your backpack to the ground

3. Leave backpack in the darkness

4. Get close to it (without producing any light)

5. Backpack is now glowing even if you equip it

Note: backpack stops glowing if firefiles was picked up or the game has been restarted.

Describe your issue

I'm not sure what is bug here - steps required to glow the backpack, glowing of backpack itself, glowing stop after moving fireflies or restarting game or the fireflies' light that doesn't turns off when player comes close.


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I have had the same thing happen with fireflies dropped into a chest. The chest starts glowing.

edit: The same thing is happening with bees in a backpack. If you pick up a bee when it is exhausted you hear the exhausted sound effect everywhere you go.

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