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[Gameplay] No hound waves.

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OS: Windows 8.1

Mods: Wall Gates, Sort Inventory, SignPlus, Deluxe Campfires 2.11, Assisted Geometry. (Note: I have used these mods in other playthroughs with no resulting problems.)



With that out of the way...

There is no barking, no warnings - nothing. I manually set a hound wave at day 20 to hopefully spark the timer, but to no avail; day 52 has come and there are no hounds in sight.


I set hounds to more which was never a problem before, and I set the winter to long, but it only lasted 20 days (that's the default length, right?). Maybe the customisation settings didn't kick in? I don't know what the problem is here...


I've had a different problem with hounds before where the warning never ceased and it was fixed by manually setting the hound timer via console, but it hasn't worked this time around.


Are there any suggestions as to how to fix it?


And here's the log.txt, if it's of any use...











1: Day 56 came and I got a surprise hound wave - the number was about right - I'd estimate around... seven to eight hounds in total? I'll update the post again if I have any more soon.

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As for the deafault winter while it was set on long I've had that problem before, but with summer (Default was on short in normal Don't starve). It was fixed when I lost that world sadly. This is probobly no help but I think the only way to "fix" your winters are to lose the world or find a way to change season lengths in game.

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