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[Gameplay] Backpack bug - givable stack

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AlexXsWx    10

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Backpack bug - givable stack

Steps to reproduce

1. Take some stackable items (e.g. berries)

2. Give it to something (e.g. pig)

3. While character will run to target to give it, put the itmes in to backpack

4. All this items will be given in some cases (food to pig, vegetables to bird in cage, probably food to pig's king, etc)

Describe your issue

I took 23 berries with mouse, and clicked on a pig to give 1 berry and get 1 manure. As the pig was far from me, I had some time while character was running to it, and I put the berries in my backpack while he haven't give them to the pig yet. When the character reached the pig, all the 23 berries was tooken from backpack and given to the pig. The pig started to eat berries one by one, without any pauses, producing manures like one per second. It stopped only after producing 23 manures.

This works also with vegetables and bird in a cage, and probably some of other cases (like food with pig's king).

This works only with backpack, i.e. this won't work if you put items in to your pocket.

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