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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Perpetual Login Attempt

Issue Description: I have found that if a new player attempts to join into a friend's game before pressing PLAY and setting up their account for the first time (in fullscreen mode 1080p) the game will attempt to login to the friends server in a perpetual loop. This loop can not be cancelled in any way. I pressed cancel several dozen times and the login attempt screen would reappear within 1 second. Closing it and quickly pressing exit would bring up the Are YOU SURE screen for half a second before the login loop took that away too. I had to close the game in order to escape it.

Steps to Reproduce: Use the game for the first time, do not click anything in the main menu (unless being in fullscreen 1080p has something to do with the issue) and then attempt to join a friends game. The perpetual login should begin immediately.

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